Sep 23, 2010

A Trip to the Land of Japan ...

... well, sort of ...

Next week we will embark on a journey (actually a small field trip) to a Japanese restaurant in our very own city of Bogor. Without traveling very far we have the privilege of witnessing how Sushi and other Japanese delicacies are made.

In my mind, Japanese food is unique and delicate on the tongue. With the simplicity of just rice, fish and some traditional spices, Japanese food can also be quite surprising. I really enjoy Japanese food, how it can make me so full even though the portions seem small (or sometimes, the portions are huge). I know some people who don't enjoy or don't even dare eat Japanese food (specifically Sushi) because it is known for being raw and fresh, but I suppose eating Japanese food as a child helps me get over that.

I am familiar with Midori (the restaurant that we will visit on the 28th of September) as I have eaten there a few times before with my family. Though what I am looking forward to is the process of making the food, and of course devouring it, because it is not something you see everyday unless you live in Japan.

I've heard that the process of making Japanese food is quite complex even though the result seems very simple, I'm hoping to see if that statement will be proving right or not. I'm also hoping that I get to try a different variety of Japanese food, because there is always something new.

So basically I'm hoping that I learn a lot (and eat a lot) when we go to visit Midori, I'm really looking forward to this trip.

- Nadira

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