Sep 28, 2010

After the visit...

Whoa... just plain whoa.

That is my impression after visiting the Midori Restaurant. It was better than what I have expected! Basically, thanks to the visit, I’ve gained my knowledge about the Japanese culture! Moreover, we had free lunch offered by the restaurant and all the food were oh-so-good... Great, now I’m hungry again.

First of all, I learned about the basic Japanese etiquette. Seen any Japanese movies? If so, you will realize that the Japanese people are likely to bow most of the times. Now that is called ojigi. It could be a form of greeting, or to show your apology. We also learned about amairu, which is basically the feeling of respect. And shieza is the etiquette for sitting on a tatami. When it comes to the etiquettes in eating, those are the toughest ones. Seriously! You’ve got various ways to use the chopsticks, various ways to hold a bowl AND it depends on what kind of bowl is it (gohan, etc.), and you are also required to pour any type of drink in precision. We also learned about some basic greetings in Japanese, which I honestly already knew because I’ve been studying the Japanese language individually. Then, we discovered how to make sushi, tenpura moriawase and happosai. And the best part was, we got to eat them! For free! I can’t tell you guys just how satisfied I was – especially gastronomically.

See? I told you Japanese dining is an educational dining experience! ;D

Well, gochisousama deshita! Hontou ni arigatou gozaimasu, Midori Restaurant!

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