Sep 28, 2010

Midori Restaurant

The trip to Midori Restaurant was successful. Besides great food, I learned a lot of new things. In our trip to Midori Restaurant, we were taught some Japanese etiquette.
  • Ojigi, is bowing in two cases: when greeting someone or when apologizing. When bowing, males put their arms on their sides and females cross their arms. When greeting someone, you should bow 45 degrees. When apologizing, you should bow 90 degrees until you are forgiven!
  • Shieza, explains how to sit on the tatami properly. Males should sit cross-legged, while females must sit with their knees folded under their thighs or with their legs on one side
We were also taught how to hold the chopsticks easily. Who knew, the other side of the chopstick (the thicker part) is for taking food from the table onto your bowl! Previously, I didn't know that. We were also taught how to hold the rice bowl properly (you should hold your bowl everytime you eat... except if it is burning hot!). We were also taught some Japanese culinary vocabulary, like ebi (prawn), kyuri (cucumber), gari (ginger), unagi (eel), etc.

Then came the exciting part! We were given recipes, then the chef demonstrated how to make California Roll (a classic!), Salmon Crispy Roll (soooooo yummy), Tenpura and Japanese vegetable stir-fry (which name I happen to forgot....) It turns out that making sushi is quite simple, but you need to master the rolling technique so that the sushi doesn't fall apart when you cut it (you would also need a super-sharp knife too to cut the roll easier... and you must have good sushi rice too).

Then.... we ate!!! Gastronomically, we are extremely satisfied. This is a great trip -- it was very informative and we were all satisfied :)

Thank you, Midori! <3

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