Sep 28, 2010

Future Trip to Midori

Japanese food, in my opinion, is one of the best cuisines I've ever tasted. Not only how it tasted, but in terms of health, it is considered as healthy. Nice healthy food, who wouldn't want that?

Who doesn't know Sushi? One of the most popular dish of Japan. I think, almost everybody in the world knows what Sushi is and have seen or even taste sushi.

Other than sushi, Japan has a lot more famous dishes like Ramen, miso soup, udon, and many others which I can't really remember right now. Anyways, we're going on a field trip to this Japanese restaurant located just a little bit far from the school and it's a very nice restaurant. I've been there before and I think that restaurant is a suitable place for us all to learn on making these Japanese dishes.

I'm hoping

Here's an interesting fact about Japanese food: not all food are well-cooked.

And they actually taste good. How amazing :)

Even if they're not cooked, they're actually healthy for the body and doesn't make you fat (for those people on weight reducing process).

Just by thinking about it, my stomach growls (seriously) and I expect to get the data that I want from visiting that restaurant.

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