Sep 28, 2010

Japanese Cuisine

On Tuesday 28 September 2010, we are going to visit Midori Restaurant which is a Japanese restaurant. I love Japanese food! I've always liked it since I was little, starting from the bento-style food. As I grew older, I didn't eat much Japanese bento food, but I started eating sushi. At first, I didn't know what sushi was, except for the fact that the fish they serve is raw. I was appalled by this because I have never, at that point in my life, ever ate anything raw. I thought it would be gross, but I tried it anyway, and I love it. It suits my vegetarianism as well. Although I am vegetarian, I still eat fish. Most sushi use salmon and I have read & heard that salmon is nutritious.

I am familiar with sushi, in fact, it has become one of my favorite food. I have once tried to make sushi at home, but it failed mostly because I had no rice vinegar. I'd love to know more about making sushi because it's not just about making food, sushi-making is art too. I would also love to learn about how to process raw fish so that it is safe to eat. I want to learn how to cut the sushi roll in perfect precision, making the sushi look neat as soon as it arrives on your table. I would also want to know how wasabi is made. I would also like to know Japanese eating etiquette.

Behind traditional food, there is always an interesting culture!

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