Sep 23, 2010

Midori Japanese Restaurant - I wonder what?

On the upcoming Tuesday the 28th, the whole geography class (I pity the science class though) will be going to Midori which is a new Japanese Restaurant in town that does actually serve sushi and some other wow-ful Japanese food.

I had been to this restaurant once with couple of friends, but obviously I hadn't tried everything listed on the menu so later I'm hoping to try out something new for me. Besides the building, furnitures and some other basic stuffs relating to the restaurant, I would really like to actually know more not only about the restaurant it selves but also about the Japanese delicacy they serve. Last time I visited the restaurant, they serve delicious foods but the thing that I am concerned about is the high price they set for the foods listed down on the menu.

Oh well, I'll be expecting a lot from this restaurant on my second visit! It better be awesome, hahaha! :P

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