Sep 27, 2010

Japan's cuisine

Japanese cuisine is an interesting cuisine for me. It makes me want to know how do they make the sushi and sashimi because from what I know most of them are raw. When I go to a Japanese restaurant I want to see how can they make their dishes, how do they cut it, how can they make the rolls and how can they make it to stay in shape until the foods are delivered to all the tables. Not only that but I also want to know why do they serve most of their dishes cold not warm.

Japanese food is kind of tricky for me because like I said before some of them are raw, then how do they kill the germs that are in the meat and also how do they store the fish so it can stay fresh? Not only that I also want to know how can they make crab shell into a dish without hurting the person who is eating it because as we all know, crab shells are hard and they usually use this weird green sauce mixed with soy sauce to eat sushi and sashimi.

Personally I don’t really like Japanese food because most of them are raw and cold, I never liked to eat something cold. So I hope after my visit, I will be able and want to eat Japanese food.

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