Sep 3, 2010

Japan - The Heian Period

Japan - The Heian Period
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Hey y’all... So as you know (you do?), weeks ago I was given an assignment to make a presentation about THE HEIAN PERIOD. Sounds pretty... stiff, eh? BUT as an excellent geographist (yeah right), I’ve tried to make my presentation clear enough – like, crystal clear. Before I show you that, I’m gonna give you guys a brief explanation about what THE HEIAN PERIOD really is first-hand:
Did you know that Kyoto was where THE HEIAN PERIOD originally occured? Well, back then, after the Nara period, the capital city of Japan was sort of moved to Heian-kyo (which is Kyoto now). At that time, it wasn’t the emperor who was in charge of ruling the place; it was a noble family called the FUJIWARA CLAN, and this clan is just pure rich and powerful.So, they took over the emperor’s place and gained absolute control. The emperor and his court didn’t have so much political authority, so they filled their time by developing court ceremonies and just doing more arts... Before long, the court officials were already artistic. They implemented and applied arts to everything they do, making them more artistic (and romantic) everyday. THE HEIAN PERIOD is the period where Japanese arts was at its peak. So basically, THE HEIAN PERIOD was famous for its remarkable arts.
...and there’s still more! You guys could just check out my presentation, it has all the other information about THE HEIAN PERIOD. So there you go, people!


  1. Astri something went wrong here. where are the information. Could you please fix it


    Ibu Dayu

  2. Interesting stuff; I really liked the slide show and it would be even better if there were titles for the slides so I knew who or what was in the pictures.

    Very informative!